Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Debuts with NFC

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Lagos, – The newest member of the popular smartband family has arrived. Mi Band 5 carries a large increase over its predecessor, while maintaining the same initial price, in China.

The first major update is the AMOLED screen, which has grown to 1.1 inches from 0.95 inches, and can be adapted to many official and third-party design choices. Animated clock display is also on the menu.

Sensor devices have not changed, accelerometers, heart rate monitors, barometers and gyroscopes with rumors of SpO2 tracking that turned out to be wrong.

The software is improved however and there are 11 “professional modes” now as Xiaomi calls it. They are well tuned and provide some detailed insights and precise tracking.

For example, Mi Band 5 can recognize the five main swimming styles automatically. Yes, the band can be invited to sink up to 50 meters from the surface of the water.

A PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score is also now available to give you a little more info on how much impact your training has on your overall health and fitness.

IMG Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Nigeria

Heart monitoring has been improved and can now detect abnormalities, just like Apple Watch. In addition, the new PPG sensor is 50% more accurate than its predecessor.

For sleep tracking, Mi Band 5 can now extract data related to your REM sleep.

There is also an NFC version that can be used for payments. A voice assistant is also present.

Xiaomi guarantees 14 days of battery life. The charger has been upgraded and is now connected to the back of the Mi Band 5 via a magnet, so you don’t need to release the band for charging.

We will update this page when Xiaomi Mi Band 5 available in Nigeria. 

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