Wow, These Are Hidden Secrets on Our Mobile

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Wow, it turns out that the smartphone that we usually use has cool features. But, only a few people know the hidden secrets that exist on each cellphone.

Therefore, this web page will reveal some secret features and hidden things that are on our smartphone, which we might not realize before.

Here are hidden secrets in cellphones that have been collected.

Connect to Other Hardware

It turned out that without us knowing   that we have mobile phones that can be connected to computer devices such as  Mouse, Keyboard,  and others . It’s easy, just  use the USB OTG adapter. With USB OTG, all we have to do is connect it to the mobile and after that we can use it

Battery Life

For those of you whose cellphones are wasteful because the battery is leaking, the following could be one way to fix it. You do this by changing the wallpaper to a black background. Why is it so? because the almoled screen on the cellphone  won’t work on the black part. So that it can save battery.

3. PhotoMath

Those who often have difficulty teaching children to do math homework, no need to panic anymore. Just by opening this PhotoMath application then pointing the smartphone camera in the direction of the questions that you t and only can’t work on, then just wait a few seconds. Then will get the desired answer.

Make Your Cellphone Fast

If the cellphone feels slow when running the application. The fix is ​​to turn off the navigation application that is on the cellphone, that is  by turning it off in your handphone settings .

Music While Sleeping

For those who like to listen to music while sleeping, but are afraid the battery runs out during the morning, there is a solution. Turn on the music feature stop and just set the time. It’s easy, right?

Mobile tracking

The following way will be very useful for those who like to forget to put a cellphone . Locate and enter the device manager menu then check REMOTE LOCKED THIS DEVICE. But remember, don’t forget your Email and Password . That way there is no longer a case of your smartphone being lost

Make a Hologram

Making a hologram on a cellphone is easy. How to make it only need a glass and also a cellphone , then you cut the glass into a pyramid shape with a cut top then place it on your cellphone and it will look like HOLOGRAM.

Sleep Cycle

For those who want to live a healthy life this time the application to know the time to sleep and sleep quality, just by putting your cellphone under the pillow, then this application will automatically calculate your sleeping time.

Battery Saver

By downloading an application such as “BATTRE SAVER”, we can manage the system used on mobile phones. The benefits of this application, we can see the entire working system on mobile phones that will greatly help control the use of each smartphone.

Well, hopefully this is useful.

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