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Tips for Optimizing Android Phone Performance


You may have experienced an Android phone being slow when used. When mobile performance decreases, don’t rush to buy a new cell phone.

Here are some things you can consider to optimize the performance of your cell phone .

Remove Unused Applications

One way to maintain the capacity of internal memory is to delete unused applications. Unwittingly, all applications running on smartphones usually take up a lot of storage space.

By removing applications that are not in use, at least this will provide more storage space, so that it is expected that the phone’s performance will be optimal again.

Use an Additional Memory Card

If the internal memory capacity is felt to be lacking, it does not hurt to install an additional memory card. Especially for those of you who like taking pictures with high-resolution smartphone cameras.

The photo file will certainly meet the internal memory space. So, it would be better if you save photos on an external memory card so that the performance of the phone remains optimal.

Limit Widget

One way to maximize your phone’s RAM is to limit widgets and live wallpapers, both of which take up enough RAM usage.

This can also cause your battery to drain faster. So remember to limit the number of widgets and live wallpapers to optimize your mobile’s memory.

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