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Tips for Maintaining Android Smartphone Safety

Android Smartphone Security

As a Smartphone user, of course you are required to be smart in operating it, because the Smartphone itself is arguably a versatile and flexible cellphone. For that the Smartphone can be used for various personal purposes so it is very important to know how to maintain the security of your android.

What’s more, there are already many types and types of smartphones sold in the market and activities to maintain the security of the android system are certainly increasingly “challenging”. Smartphone disease usually comes from a virus that is obtained when browsing or installing applications or even from advertising. And if left of course the data contained in the Smartphone will be damaged to make the system become damaged.

For that below, there are a few tips Android is always awake to maintain smartphone security, among others, as follows:

  • Try to pay attention to applications that are installed on your Smartphone.
  • Do not carelessly install applications that come from developers who are not trusted, you should install applications that do not damage the Smartphone system or that there may be a virus in the application.
    Always be diligent in updating the software
    With you regularly updating the software, the existing security system on Android is also updated, so the security system is always new.
  • Set Verify Apps for more security. Security systems from old versions of Android to new versions are actually still vulnerable to malware or virus attacks . It is recommended that you set each security system to anticipate unwanted virus attacks. This setting functions incorrectly to remind the user when every time he wants to install any application, with this warning the user will be even more vigilant when installing any application.
  • Install an antivirus application
  • If you need to add an extra security system for your android cellphone, you can install an antivirus application as an additional security such as Avast, McAfee, and some of the best known antivirus for the extra security of your cellphone.
  • Use a password on your cellphone (for more privacy)
    It might be possible when someone uses your cellphone and does activities that allow viruses to infect your smartphone. So using a password is one simple way to secure your cellphone.

So those are some tips on how to maintain the security of your android, try to apply the tips given above so that smartphone security can always be maintained.

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