3 Things You Can’t Forget When Creating A Facebook Page

Most businesses and entrepreneurs have realized that they need to be on social media and create a Facebook page, after all, it is the most popular network in the world.

All marketing strategies on Facebook start from creating a page that is created correctly and optimized for your business.

This is where your business will have a voice and a digital presence.

But creating a page and being on the internet requires a lot of attention to achieve good results.

The issue is so serious that if proper care is not taken, it can even compromise the image of your business.

To help with this task and help you not run the risk, we’ve put together 3 things your business can’t forget during this page creation step. Keep reading and check it out!

1. Create a fanpage and not a personal page

facebook fan page

You probably have a personal Facebook profile to find, chat, and share information with your friends.

Our first warning is: It is only for interactions between friends and for personal use.

Your business must have a fanpage, that is, a Facebook page for businesses .

A fanpage has several advantages that the profile does not allow, such as:

  • Make ads to reach your audience;
  • Be visible to Google;
  • Have an unlimited number of followers;
  • Provide greater interaction with your audience;
  • Have static reports for analysis of campaigns performed.
  • So when creating a Facebook page, opt for it.

Just access this link (but be sure to read all our tips before, huh ? ?!)!

2. Fill in and keep your information up to date.

When creating a Facebook page it is paramount that you fill in all your company data.

This information needs to be accurate and error free.

Imagine, for example, that your phone number is spelled wrong or you don’t have your business address.

There is no point in having good visibility and presence if, when your prospect needs to talk to you, they don’t know how to contact you.

There is information that is vital to the visibility of your business, such as:

  • email,
  • Address,
  • site,
  • telephone,
  • opening hours,
  • company category.

Therefore, be very careful about filling in and updating this information that is available all the time on your page.

3. Create relevant content

Every company, when deciding to create a Facebook page, can not forget to have a good strategy for creating content and spreading it.

It’s important that your business doesn’t just share promotions and business disclosures.

But yes, offer content relevant to your industry, such as tips and trivia, and bet on audiovisual resources such as images and videos.

Another tip is to bet on interactive content, such as surveys and discussions on specific topics that generate greater engagement.

But regardless of which one to choose, all content must always be of quality.

Now that you know how to create a Facebook page, if you want help making your page more attractive to your audience, check out W7 , the digital marketing agency!