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The Facebook Global Office Opens in early July


Lagos, – Facebook is reported to be re-opening offices globally in the coming July on July 6 2020.

The opening of Facebook’s office in July will be accompanied by company bus operations, cafeterias, security personnel, and others.

Although on July 6 it was applied to some Facebook offices in the US and Europe, PC Mag said some offices in Asia might be reopened sooner. Everything depends on the rules of each country.

In an announcement earlier this month, Facebook said, some employees could work from outside the office. At least until the end of 2020.

Meanwhile, employees who are expected to be present in the office are those who work in the operational, hardware, and network sections.

The plan, Facebook will start opening offices and a maximum of only 25% of employees can come. This means that only a quarter of the total Facebook employees in an office building can enter.

Although reopened, Facebook will implement very strict security procedures. The reopening of Facebook’s office is part of a multi-step process carried out by the company to restore several operations deemed crucial.

For example, related to data center management and hardware development. For example, the video chat portal device and Oculus VR headset.

Employees who come to the office will be required to wear face masks and undergo temperature checks to monitor for symptoms of the virus that are consistent with Covid-19.