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5 Ways to Overcome Unfortunately, Security Has Stopped at Xiaomi

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Security application on Xiaomi devices is the default application whose function is to optimize all the multitasking activities that we do on applications that we use frequently.

Security applications are arguably very important, not only on Xiaomi mobile phones, they also exist on other devices such as OPPO, Lenovo, SAMSUNG, VIVO, Advan, ASUS, Xiaomi, and others.

With this application, all the junk files, history, cache, and viruses can be erased quickly with just one click.

Given the importance of the application, then of course the user needs to do an update when an update file is available. This is of course to add features, fix bugs, and maximize the application optimization that we do.

But unfortunately, there are some Xiaomi users who find problems with the application that reads “Unfortunately, Security Has Stopped”, “Unfortunately, Security Has Stopped”, “Unfortunately, Security Is Not Responding”, and others that might be a little more different.

Overcoming Security Has Stopped Xiaomi

Moreover, the error message occurs on your security application, then of course you can not be optimal in optimizing and cleaning temporary files.

The causes of these problems can vary, it could be due to junk files, viruses, bugs in applications, and others. Now to overcome this, consider the following methods.

1. Restart the Xiaomi Smartphone

The first method you can do is to restart your Xiaomi smartphone. By rebooting the application can usually be normal again, but this is not certain, just a simple solution. As for if it doesn’t work, then try to follow the next method.

2. Clean Xiaomi Security Cache

The next method, try to clear the cache file in the security application. The actual security application itself is to clean up all junk files, databasesviruses, and temporary files on all applications installed on your Xiaomi cellphone.

But if the application has a problem, you can try to delete the cache file directly through application management.

  • Open the Settings menu »Installed Applications» Select “Security” » Then tap “Delete Data“» then Select “Clean Cache“.

NOTE: The method above I did on the Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 4X Smartphone with the Android operating system Nougat v7.0 . If you use another series smartphone , you can certainly adjust it.

3. Clean Xiaomi Security Data

The next method is to try to clear the data in the security application on your Xiaomi phone. This method is usually quite effective in overcoming the default application problems that appear error messages or can not be used.

Erasing data here is intended to restore application functions by default. That is, all temporary data files will be deleted such as databases, login data, history, bookmarks, and others.

  • Go to the Settings menu »Installed Applications» Select “Security” » Then tap ” Erase Data“» then Select “Erase All Data“.

NOTE: The method above I did on the Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 4X Smartphone with the Android operating system Nougat v7.0 . If you use another series smartphone, you can certainly adjust it.

4. Xiaomi Factory Reset

If all the methods above do not work to resolve the problem on your Xiaomi cell phone, then another solution you can do is Factory Reset.

To do this, of course you have to backup all the important data that you have, especially the stored data such as photos, videos , audio , documents, and other important files.

  • Go to Settings menu »Additional Settings» Select “Backup & Reset” »Restore Factory Settings» Then tap “Reset Phone“.

NOTE: The method above I did on the Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 4X Smartphone with the Android operating system Nougat v7.0 . If you use another series smartphone , you can certainly adjust it.

5. Hard reset Xiaomi

Next, for those of you who want to try to wipe data or hard reset your Xiaomi cellphone , you can refer to the following steps.

  1. The first step, make sure your Xiaomi cellphone is off or off.
  2. Next, to enter the Recovery Mode (Mi Recovery) menu, press the “Power + Volume Up” button for a few moments until the MI logo will appear. After the Mi Logo appears, release the two buttons that you press.
  3. After you successfully enter the Xiaomi Mi Recovery main menu, you can select “Wipe Data” then proceed by selecting “Wipe All Data“, then select “Confirm“. Wait a few moments until the #Hard Reset / Wipe Data process is complete.
  4. If so, select “Back to Main Menu” then select “Reboot“. Then continue to choose “Reboot to System“. And later your Xiaomi smartphone will reboot . Easy enough right!
  5. Done.


  • Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate up and down.
  • Use the Power button to select the menu.

Final Words

With the above method, it is expected that the application can be normal again and be used as usual. Even if it still doesn’t work, try to look for other optimizer and cleaner applications like CCleaner , Clean Master , or others.

The above method you can apply to all Xiaomi devices such as Xiaomi Mi4s, Mi4c, Mi4i, Mi4, NOTE 2, NOTE 3, Redmi NOTE 4, NOTE 4X, NOTE 4 Pro, and many more. If there is a slight difference from the tutorial or method above, then you just need to adjust it.

Thus a brief review from me, hopefully can be helpful and useful. If there is something you want to ask or say about the problem on your Xiaomi cell phone, please write it through the comments column below.

Thank you and good luck !!