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Photo & Video Size Suitable for Upload to Instagram

instagram tips – What is the right size for photos and videos to upload to Instagram? Every time I see photos uploaded by other Instagram users, sometimes there are photos that look really good and are very fitting to display.

This is what makes me curious, what makes a simple photo look good for uploading? It turns out that the answer is very simple, namely the photo size or pixel dimensions must be in accordance with the provisions made by Instagram.

We know that photo previews from Instagram are square, not circle, and not rectangular. This means that you also have to make a photo square. For example, 1000px x 1000px or 1200px x 1200px size.

What If the Photo Size is HD Or Rectangle?

If what you upload is an HD or rectangular photo, it will be cropped or cropped into a square shape. For example, if you upload a 1200px x 900px size photo, it will automatically change to 640px x 640px.

UPDATE: for now, if you upload a square photo or HD size, it can usually be adjusted because later there will be an upload option according to Instagram conditions.

Photo & Video Size Suitable For Instagram

If you are an online businessman and use instagram as a place to promote products, make sure that you upload photos that are fit, interesting, and cool for other Instagram users. Photo and video sizes are the main requirements that you must know so that the photos you upload look right and are not cropped.

In addition, later you will also know what kind of design will suit the size of the photo. Then, what is the right photo and video size for Instagram? Here’s the explanation.

  1. Size For Profile Photo. Custom photo dimensions for profile photos of at least 110px x 110px. Instagram profile photos look small, you can use a selfie of yourself.
  2. Photo Size For Display. The photos you wish to upload or display must be at least 640px x 640px (Square). This means that if you upload a 1000px x 1000px size photo, it will automatically change to 640px x 640px in JPG format.
  3. Instagram Video Size. The Instagram video size is the same as the photo size which is 640px x 640px.

The final word

With the information above, of course, now you know the original size of the Instagram photo that is suitable for uploading. Now is the time for you to think about making square-sized photos that are really nice, cool, and interesting for Instagram users.

This is a brief review of the right photo and video sizes to upload to Instagram, hopefully it will be useful for everyone. If there is something you want to ask or say, please write in the comments column below.

Thank you and good luck !!