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P-Yes Registration 2020 Application Form

p-yes registration

The candidates who are interested in P-Yes Registration 2020 were searching on the various portals.

In this article, you will understand the step by step guide involved on how to apply for the P-Yes Recruitment 2020/2021. Stay focus and read through.

I believe you visit this page because you seek information on How to fill P-Yes application form 2020. This page will give insight on how to apply for Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme 2020, application form, requirements, qualification, guidelines, portal and updates for free.

P-Yes Registration [Year] News Updates

p-yes registration

Recruitment 2020 Date has not yet been announced by the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme. We are looking forward to getting an official announcement from the P-Yes Recruitment Agency.

Therefore, you are to disregard any alleged recruitment date by any website for now. We can assure you that the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme Registration Date will be released soon.

So keep checking this page for we shall update any time the P-Yes application form date for 2020/2021 is released by the appropriate authority.

P-Yes Registration Requirements

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the P-Yes portal registration process, and highlight the requirements you’ll be likely to fulfill.

All applicants are required to carefully read through the entry requirements for clarification before application. Take note of all the required data in the subsequent steps.

The following are the P-Yes recruitment general entry requirement for applicants:

  • 18 years of age, and above
  • A valid Government issued ID card
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree with an MBA, M.Sc or equivalent
  • Have a good knowledge of the banking sector

P-Yes Application Portal [Year] & Registration Form

IMPORTANT! Currently, PYes application form is not yet released online at, just DISREGARD any advert/post you come across. Note that this page will be updated immediately the form is officially out.

We will provide full Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-Yes) Recruitment Application Details and its official Application Portal when it’s released by the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme. So for now, we are still in anticipation.

To ascertain if the P-Yes recruitment 2020/2021 has officially begun, reach out to the official Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-Yes) Portal @ OR check this page frequently as update shall be made anytime the form is out.

You are therefore advised to carefully choose the category you are eligible for, as multiple applications would lead to disqualifications.

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme DO NOT demand or accept gifts or gratification to offer employment.

How to Apply and fill P-Yes Application 2020

The type of application form you’ll fill in will very much depend on the role you’re applying for. However, the broad strokes of the application are the same:

The P-Yes Portal of the recruitment agency indicates that registration is a mandatory administrative procedure that must be completed by every Nigerian citizen.

  • Login to P-Yes official portal –
  • Provide official names, date of birth, active email address and mobile phone number to the bank as part of the purchase.
  • The applicant shall maintain the same details throughout the application process and training.
  • A page will open, which will require the Applicant to CREATE ACCOUNT or SIGN IN. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT, a new page will open, which will require you to answer a few questions leading to the creation of account.

P-Yes Registration Deadline/Closing Date

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme Recruitment Deadline/Closing will be released when the recruitment application starts, so for now, there is no recruitment deadline for P-Yes Registration.

Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme has not announced any recruitment dates. When recruiting, agency publicizes the exercise via major dailies, newspapers, television and also share the same information on official recruitment portal and social media accounts/pages.

Stages of P-Yes recruitment process

  • After online application, applicants who meet the initial requirements will be shortlisted and invited to centres of their choice for further processes.

P-Yes 2020 Screening and Examination

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by e-mail for Screening and Examination at the Screening Centre selected during the online application

P-Yes Recruitment 2020 Training

Only applicants who are successful in the Screening Examination will be invited for training if required.

Things to note

  1. Forms are not being sold for this recruitment exercise
  2. Filling in of recruitment form is done online only.
  3. The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme has not contracted any middlemen to recruit on its behalf.
  4. Read guidelines thoroughly and carefully before filling the P-Yes Application Form
  5. Do not submit more than one application; you will be disqualified if you do so
  6. Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for further processes.