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10 Ways to Overcome Unreadable Card Memory

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Why is my android memory card unreadable, is it already unfit to use? Android card memory that is not readable sometimes makes android users feel annoyed and boiled. Because a lot of important data is certainly stored in the memory card starting from photos, videos, music, documents, applications, and other important files.

The saddest for android users is that if someone has installed various important applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram on the memory card then suddenly the memory card is unreadable so automatically all installed applications cannot be opened.

Cause Card Memory Is Unreadable

There is no definitive cause why the memory card cannot be read. But from the experience of some android users they say maybe because of the age of the memory card that is old or is not worth using.

Understandably if the memory card is damaged. For more details as to what causes the memory card can not be read on Android, here are some reviews about the causes of damage to the memory card (micro SD).

Age of Memory Is Old

Age of memory cards that are old and need to be the cause of why the memory card is not legible on Android. If an android memory card is more than 5 years old it can sometimes be damaged, because each type of memory card has a different durability.

Brass has been scratched

Have you ever scratched a brass memory card with sharp objects? If you have ever dug up a brass memory card with sharp objects either intentionally or unintentionally then it will make the memory card damage and cannot be read.

Brass in the memory card is very important as a hardware path so that it can be read by an Android smartphone.

Poor Memory Position

If you install a memory card that misses the Android also will never be able to read the memory card. For this reason, you should pay attention to uninstalling or installing the Android memory card properly.

Like to move memory to another smartphone

Have you ever moved your android memory card to another smartphone with a different brand? If yes, then you should not do it again.

From several sources that I know it turns out it can make an error memory card, whether it’s part of the software or hardware.

Damaged Memory Card Partition

Just like a computer hard disk , a memory card also has a partition system that is dedicated to Android smartphones and tablets.

If the partition error occurs, it can also prevent Android from detecting the memory card. Only with a computer (Linux) can you repair the memory card partition.

Overcoming Unreadable Card Memory

Maybe there are still many causes – the causes of memory cards that are unreadable and do not rule out, your android memory card has a different cause.

To overcome some of the causes above, try to overcome with tips to overcome the unreadable memory card below.

1. See Memory Position

Try to check, whether you have installed the memory card properly. Do not let you install it deviated (tilted) or rose up.

Turn off your android smartphone and install the memory card in the right and correct position.

2. Clean with a Rubber Eraser

This one method does look very old-fashioned, but it proved to be a pretty powerful way. Buy or borrow a rubber eraser from your younger sibling (if you have one) then rub it on the yellow memory card.

3. Format the Memory Card

Try using a card reader to connect the memory card with a computer or laptop. And if it is readable then it can be ensured that your memory card is not damaged. Try formatting the memory card, but before moving all the files to your computer.

4. Try to move to another smartphone

Try plugging your memory card into another Android smartphone and if the memory card is readable then it can be concluded that your Android is having problems, not the memory card.

5. Perform a Factory Reset

If your memory card isn’t corrupt but can’t be read, maybe the problem is on your Android. Try doing a factory reset so that later all configurations and settings return to the beginning like you just bought a new android smartphone.

But before doing a factory reset, backup all data or files that you consider important.

  • Go to the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Make a Backup and Reset » Then tap “Delete application data and uninstallable applications“.

The tips above can not guarantee 100% can successfully overcome an unreadable memory card. For this reason, if the tips above do not work, try looking for other tips on Google that might be better compared to the tips that I provide.

The above method you can do on all Android devices such as Samsung, OPPO, Realme, ASUS, Xiaomi, VIVO, NOKIA, and others. If there are differences, then you can adjust them.

That is my short tips, hopefully can be helpful and useful for everyone. If you have questions about the article above, please submit it through the comments column.

Thank you and good luck !!!