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12 Ways to Overcome Android’s Unreadable SIM Card

andriod sim unreadable

Is your android SIM card unreadable? If yes, of course you must feel sad, upset, confused, and dizzy. Basically SIM Card is one type of micro sim that functions as a tool to store and be an additional tool for communicating between one user and another user.

In the modern era, the development of android smartphones is increasingly sophisticated. And most sophisticated smartphones definitely adopt thin models.

And to make the thin design there are some parts that are made compact and a little simpler.

For example, you can see a product from SAMSUNG, which narrows the SIM card down, making users have to cut it to fit and be installed. And this is the problem of smartphone users in Indonesia who cut SIM cards with cutting devices that are not supposed to be used.

So that makes android unable to read the sim card that he has installed. Maybe it happened because of the pieces that do not fit because if even a little cut off then the SIM Card will also not be detected.

Apart from that, there are several other causes that make the sim card unreadable. And the following causes.

1. SIM Card is no longer suitable to use

Older SIM Cards or those that are more than 5 years old, it’s only natural that your SIM Card is no longer readable because the SIM Card is outdated and is no longer suitable for use.

In addition, the state of the brass sim card is also not very good, maybe it’s a little black. For this reason, you should replace your SIM Card with a new one.

2. Brass Line Damaged

As you can see that the SIM Card is visible in yellow, which means it is the most important part of a SIM Card.

That part is very sensitive, if there are other objects that make the brass sim card scratched too deep and make the brass line cut off then there will be damage.

So that the SIM Card will no longer be read by Android.

3. Overheating

A technological device that experiences overheating or excessive heat will make the device quickly damaged or error, including the SIM Card.

Excessive heat due to gaming or internet activities can make the sim card burn or melt, because we know that the SIM Card is made of brass and plastic.

Apart from the 3 causes above, there are still many other causes which I cannot write one by one. To overcome these unreadable sim cards, try the following tips.

Overcome Unreadable SIM Cards on Android Phones

The method I gave is fairly simple and make sure it’s easy for you to do. It can’t be said to be 100% successful, but at least you try it first and then see the results later.

Immediately, see some of the following methods.

1. Turn off the Android Smartphone

The first easiest way is to turn off the android smartphone. then remove your SIM Card, clean it with a soft material such as tissue or something.

Also clean on the sim card slot, there may be dust – dust that prevents the smartphone to read the SIM Card.

After cleaning, try to install and turn on your smartphone . If the signal still does not appear, try to enter airplane mode for a few minutes, then return to normal mode.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Try using the airplane mode feature to turn on and turn off the connection / signal from the SIM card you are using. Turn on airplane mode for about one minute, then turn off the mode.

That way, the smartphone will perform a network / signal search repeatedly. This method can be an alternative when typing the signal on your Android cellphone totally lost, illegible, or broken – broken.

But if you still have problems later, try the next method.

3. Check the SIM Card

Next, try to check the sim card you are using.

How to? Try a SIM card test on another device, if it is detected and normal then the SIM card is still suitable for use and that means the problem can occur in the sim card slot or your smartphone.

In addition, try testing with another SIM Card on your smartphone.

4. Try Other Types of SIM Cards

If your SIM Card is not readable, try with a SIM Card from another provider. If you don’t, borrow a friend or relative.

And if someone else’s SIM Card can be read while your sim card is unreadable, it’s most likely that the provider of your SIM Card has a problem or error.

5. Check the IMEI Smartphone

Next, try checking the IMEI Code on your Android smartphone. Why IMEI? Because the provider can connect with your smartphone because there is an IMEI. If the IMEI or IMEI is not available in an invalid state, then the signal will not be detected at any time.

You can check IMEI in the Settings section and usually there is About Cellphones. If later the Invalid state then you have to fix it first.

The trick, you can search on Google and usually the smartphone must be rooted.

6. Android OS update

Apart from the checking solutions above, you can try updating your Android System . This is certainly possible in dealing with an unreadable SIM Card. Usually with an update, all bugs and damage to the system will be fixed.

As for later updates are not available, then you can ignore this method.

  • Go to the Settings menu »System Update» Next, you follow the steps to update the System from ColosOS OPPO.

7. Factory Reset Smartphone

If all types of SIM Cards that you enter are not read at all. Try to do a factory reset or restore your android smartphone to factory settings. This method is indeed too risky because later all your Android configurations will be lost.

… Before doing this method, you should back up the data that you consider important so that later your data will remain safe and can still be seen again.

  • Go to the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Make a Backup and Reset» Then tap “Delete Application Data and Application that can be uninstalled”.

8. Flashing …

Flashing can also be a solution when the error problem is difficult to overcome, especially on the SIM Card section that is unreadable. You can find out in advance about the correct flashing method, can Googling, YouTube, Facebook, Forums, or others.

Prepare all the tools or materials needed, be it firmware, USB, flashing software, and others. But if later you feel confused, you can ask friends, relatives, or others who might be better at this problem.

9. Come to the Service Center

If some of the methods above do not solve the problem, try visiting the nearest service center in your city. Ask about the unreadable sim card.

If later there really is a problem with the SIM Card slot, it will certainly be fixed.

And if the SIM Card that you have is damaged then you will get a new one and the number remains the same as the previous number. Especi

ally for a damaged SIM Card, you can get to the relevant provider.


…. with the existence of several methods above, hopefully your Android smartphone and tablet can be normal again and the sim card can be read normally without interruption. If there is a method that is not understood, you can ask via the comment column below.

The above method you can apply to all Android devices such as ASUS, Xiaomi, VIVO, Samsung, OPPO, Realme, Huawei, and others. If there are differences, then you can adjust them.

Thank you and good luck !!