8 OPPO Smartphone Problems & How to Solve Them

oppo a92 display

The OPPO smartphone is one of the most preferred smartphones. The front camera from OPPO is the main option to maximize every selfie action from all the moments.

OPPO F1s Selfie Expert and also OPPO F3s Selfie Expert are the best-selling variants and are superior products from OPPO. Even though it is a superior product, it is possible that OPPO smartphones can also experience problems.

You need to know that the problems on OPPO devices are very diverse, starting from the application has stopped, the Launcher has stopped, the Status Bar has stopped, the notification does not appear, Bootloop or fails to boot and stops at LOGO, and many other problems.

Troubleshooting OPPO Devices

The causes of these problems are of course various, it can be due to viruses, bugs or damage to applications, trash files that are not cleaned, and others.

And to deal with all the problems that exist, there are several methods you can do. You can follow some of the methods below according to the problem at hand.

1. Unfortunately, the Application Has Stopped

Many OPPO users experience problems with the error message that says “ Unfortunately, the application has stopped ”. Not only OPPO users, many other smartphone users also experience the same problem.

The cause of this problem, maybe because of full memory, lots of garbage files piled up, viruses, incompatible applications, and others. And to solve this problem, users can clean junk files and related application data.

  • Open the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Application Management » Search for ” Application Name” » Then tap “Force Stop” and “Delete Data” .

NOTE: I did the method above on the OPPO A37 Smartphone with the Android Lollipop v5.1.1 operating system. If you use another smartphone series, of course you can adjust it.

2. OPPO Android process has stopped

Some OPPO users must have experienced the problem with the words “android.process.media has stopped”. The problem is almost the same as the first one, which is bringing up pop up messages.

And to overcome this problem can vary, starting from clearing cache and data, restarting, hard reset, or flashing . And the easiest thing you can try is cleaning cache files and application data. Check out the steps below.

  • Go to the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Application Management » Search for “Downloads “» Then tap “Force Stop” and “Delete Data“.
  • Go to Settings menu »Additional Settings» Application Management » Search for “Music Player“» Then tap “Force Stop” and “Delete Data“.
  • Open the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Application Management » Search for “Media Storage“» Then tap “Force Stop” and “Delete Data“.

Apart from cleaning cache files and application data, you can also do a hard reset or wipe data via the Recovery Mode menu. But before doing a Hard Reset, make sure you back up all the data or files that you have.

  • Press the “Power + Volume Down” button simultaneously for a few moments until you are presented with the Recovery Mode menu. For language options, you can select “English“.
  • To do a Hard Reset , you can select “Wipe Data“. Please confirm by selecting the option “YES“.
  • Wait until the Hard Reset process is complete and successful. If so, you can reboot or restart your OPPO smartphone.
  • Done

3. OPPO Launcher Has Stopped

OPPO Launcher is a very important part of OPPO devices. If OPPO Launcher has a problem, users usually can’t do any multitasking activities .

This OPPO Launcher affects all OPPO screen displays, and to overcome this, users can Wipe Data or Hard Reset via Recovery Mode . For more details, you can follow the Hard Reset steps above, number two.

4. OPPO notification does not appear

The fourth problem with OPPO devices is that notifications don’t appear. This notification can occur on some messenger applications such as WhatsApp, LINE, Instagram, and others.

To fix this, make sure the user checks the notification feature in the settings, application, and also the Notification feature. For more details, you can see a review article about overcoming notification problems on the following OPPO devices.

5. Insufficient Memory When Installing Applications

Yep, the problem of insufficient memory when installing applications is certainly a sad thing for OPPO users. Moreover, if the application you want to install is an application that is very important or really needed.

To outsmart this problem, users can reduce some of the files stored in internal memory or move to external memory. Or you can also delete some applications that are rarely or never used.

For more details, you can see a full review of the problem in the following article.

6. Not enough space when downloading applications

When you download an application from the Google Play Store and then a notification message appears that there is not enough storage or storage space has run out, then you will definitely feel a little disappointed.

To solve this problem, users can delete some applications or games that you never use.

  • Open the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Application Management » Search for “Application Name“» Then tap “Uninstall”.

NOTE: I did the method above on the OPPO A37 Smartphone with the Android Lollipop v5.1.1 operating system . If you use another smartphone series, of course you can adjust it.

7. Booting Stop at OPPO LOGO

Booting that stops at the OPPO LOGO is one of the serious problems that might be troublesome for OPPO users. A failed or stopped boot is better known as a BOOTLOOP .

This problem occurs on the Android system and to solve it, there are two methods you can do, namely by Hard Reset / Wipe Data via the ColorOS Recovery menu . And if Hard Reset doesn’t work to solve the problem, then the final solution can be done by Flashing.

To do flashing , users need Stock ROM or Firmware from OPPO (according to type) .

8. OPPO smartphone turns itself off

And for the future, the problem that often occurs with OPO devices is that they often turn off by themselves. This may seem a little strange, but it really does happen.

The causes can vary, maybe because the battery is low or less than 20%, a virus attached to the system, full memory, lots of junk files attached, and others.

As to overcome these problems, users can perform software nurses such as by cleaning the file cache , do the boost in RAM , or it could also do Flashing.

Those are some of the problems that often occur on OPPO devices . We will update the OPPO problem if another problem occurs later. Hopefully with this super complete review article, OPPO users can fix it according to the problem at hand.

You can apply all of the above methods to all OPPO devices such as OPPO A37, OPPO A59, OPPO R9 Plus, OPPO F1 Plus, OPPO A53, OPPO A33, OPPO Neo 7, OPPO A83, OPPO A57, OPPO A71, OPPO A39, OPPO F7, OPPO F7 Plus, OPPO F5, OPPO F5 Youth, OPPO F3, OPPO F3 Plus, OPPO F9, OPPO F9 Plus, OPPO Find X, and other OPPO devices.

If there is something you want to ask or say about OPPO devices, please write in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck !!