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Only Paid Users Can Zoom Security Protection


Lagos, – In the midst of questionable security issues, Zoom confirms a new security protection system in the form of end-to-end encryption. However, this service is only available for Zoom Premium alias paid users.

Simply put, end-to-end encryption is when someone is doing a video conference, only the participants involved can watch. Even service developers, including Zoom, also cannot access the video conference room being held.

Such security features are able to prevent uninvited people from interfering with the video conferencing. Unfortunately, free Zoom does not accept end-to-end encryption systems.

Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO argued that he wanted to hold the FBI agent directly so that security features could not be provided free of charge.

“We think this feature should be part of our offer to professional customers. We don’t want to provide these security features, because we also want to work with the FBI, local law enforcement, if someone uses Zoom for crime, “Eric said, quoted by The Verge, Friday (5/6).

Eric emphasized that end-to-end encryption requires a practical exchange because people cannot make encrypted calls by telephone. So, it’s likely that many business customers don’t use it all the time.

In this case, a company spokesperson said “Zoom does not proactively monitor the content of meetings, and we do not share information with law enforcement except in situations such as child abuse.”

“We don’t have a ‘backroom’, where there are participants who can enter the meeting without being seen by others. Nothing will change, “Zoom spokesman added.