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For Teachers: Here Are 5 Online Teaching Methods You Must Master

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For those of you who are teachers, of course you agree that online teaching is not an easy matter. In normal this new era, each teacher must master c fig online teaching. That is why the term online teacher is increasingly popular in today’s era.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic encourages the acceleration of the education system in the 4.0 revolution era, it does not mean that it will allow teachers to implement online learning perfectly. The blended learning method in the education system in the revolutionary era 4.0, which still requires face-to-face learning, cannot be applied during this pandemic.

Therefore, an online teacher is required to hone some of his skills, so that he can carry out various creative online teaching methods. Of course with the quality of learning that makes it easy for students to understand the subject matter being taught.

Skills Teachers Must Master To Teach Online

What are the teacher skills that should be honed when teaching online? We discuss one by one, yes, ladies and gentlemen.

1. Online Media Understanding Skills

The first skill that must be honed by a teacher in the Distance Learning (ODL) course skills to understand the online media, especially the application of teaching onlin e that will be used when teaching online.

Ladies and gentlemen need to know and understand the features provided by available online teaching applications in order to be able to choose which online teaching application is more appropriate for teaching your students.

In addition, as online teachers, you also need to consider using learning methods that are easily accessible to students. It cannot be denied, in Indonesia, not all students have sufficient access or facilities for online learning applications that require a large quota.

Therefore, the teachers must also be good at utilizing existing facilities. For example, when there are some students who experience limited quota constraints.

Ladies and gentlemen can use the WhatsApp application and take advantage of its features such as voice notes (VN) to explain subject matter, share documents to share learning materials and supporting learning videos, or provide links to learning videos on the internet.

2. Skills to Design and Present Learning Materials in a Creative Way

Creativity is one of the 4 skills teachers must have in the 21st century. In today’s digital era, you are required to be creative in designing formulas for online teaching, to sort out what subject matter should be preceded by limited online teaching time.

In addition, learning materials should also be presented creatively so that students can be more enthusiastic and curious about learning online. This is important to note considering that online learning situations often make students feel bored and unfocused while studying.

3. Online Classroom Management Skills

Class management skills are one of the 9 basic teaching skills that must also be honed when teaching online. Online learning requires that you manage the classroom in a virtual form, which is of course different from classrooms at school.

With classroom management skills, you are expected to create effective online learning conditions. Including when there is a distraction during online learning. Ladies and gentlemen must also be able to reprimand students who interfere with the online learning process in a targeted way, so that students who are reprimanded do not leave the online class being held.

A gentle reprimand can be given by asking students who interfere with the learning process to explain the subject matter that you are teaching, or asking the student concerned about understanding the subject matter.

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This method is not only for admonishing, but can be material for introspection on whether the online teaching methods and methods that you and your mother employ are acceptable to students.

4. Communication Skills

These skills are not only useful when you explain the subject matter when teaching online, but also when there are students who still don’t understand the subject matter that you have explained.

Good communication skills will make students feel comfortable, so that students will not feel embarrassed or reluctant when they want to ask questions about subject matter they still do not understand. These communication skills are also useful for establishing good communication with parents of students.

5. Student Motivating Skills

This one skill is no less important than the skills discussed above. The various ways of teaching online that you have applied creatively, will be futile to motivate students’ skills.

The teacher’s attitude is friendly, friendly, caring, and able to motivate students to change even the laziest students. During this online learning period, you can communicate more flexibly with students who need attention.

Students tend to be more open to Father and Mother when communicating using chat applications than when communicating face to face. Therefore, don’t waste this online learning period to be able to further motivate students so that they are more enthusiastic about achieving a bright future.