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Listening to music can reduce anxiety

listening music

Lagos, – Entering the Large-Scale Social Limitation (PSBB) of the transition period, returning to work might cause anxiety to contract the Covid-19 virus, especially when we are on public transportation when leaving and returning to work together with a large crowd.

There are many ways you can do to calm the mind during this pandemic, one of them is by listening to music. According to Raymond Leone, a music therapist at Inova Health Systems, Washington, United States, the activity of listening to music when facing a difficult time, including the current pandemic is quite effective to reduce anxiety and can increase productivity while working on someone.

Music is like a loyal friend in everyday life. By listening to music, we will be helped to forget for a moment what is happening right now. Furthermore, music will relax the mind in order to improve mood when working or studying.

Quoting from the page, there are 5 (five) types of music that are suitable for you to listen to when working or while relaxing/

Bass heavy

Listening to music that has heavy bass like We Will Rock You (Queen) will make you more confident and enthusiastic when working. However, this type of music should be listened to before doing assignments or during breaks.


Ambient music without lyrics can also help you in completing work better. This type of music that is recommended for focus on work or study usually has a constant and uncomplicated rhythm. For work done repeatedly but does not involve a lot of high cognitive functions, energetic and constant music is a good choice for friends when working.


Classical music has several benefits for psychological functions, such as slower pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure and lower levels of stress hormones. For very stressful work, classical music can relax nerves and improve mood, consequently allowing better concentration and work ethic.


For those who like music from Mozart, can also play it to improve learning and memory skills. Because of the positive influence of this music, the term “The Mozart Effect” emerged. When your work and tasks involve a lot of thought and memory, it might be worthwhile to play a moment playing music by Mozart.


According to a study by MindLab, listening to pop music is believed to be able to accelerate work completion 58% faster than those who don’t listen to music. Pop is the music genre most chosen by people who work checking documents because it can reduce error rates by up to 14%.

In addition to the five types of music above, you can choose the genre of music that suits you. Pair your favorite music with a song player equipped with the best audio experience.

One of them is the Oppo A92 which is equipped with Dirac 2.0 and Dual Stereo Speaker features that can provide comfortable sound effects for the ear.

In addition, the Oppo A92 is also equipped with ColorOS 7.1 to provide convenience when listening to music. The new feature, the black screen mode, will save battery life while listening to YouTube Music all day.

One thing that is not less important is that when playing music while working you should not disturb colleagues around. The solution can be by using a headset, both the wired or wireless version (wireless) such as the Oppo Enco Series (M31, W31, and W11).