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12 Ways Parents Keep Gadgets Away From Children.

kids with phones

FRIENDS FAMILY- Again, this is about tips on how parents keep children away or rather control children from dependence on mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and the like. However, what I write is my personal experience in controlling my child in using gadgets, specifically tablets. .

At the age of 2.5 years, my child can be said to be addicted to tablets. Every day, his hands are never separated from the tablet in every activity. Approximately one year I tried to control the child from dependence on tablets and finally succeeded. At present, my child is 4.5 years old, almost no longer holds a tablet, even though his friends his age, already provided a tablet by his parents. .

From my experience, I want to share tips for parents to keep their children away from gadgets. Hopefully it can be tried. .

As far as possible keep the gadget out of reach and try adults (parents) not to use gadgets near children;

Tell the Children that gadgets are not toys but serious tools to support the work of parents; .

Bringing children to enjoy the outside world, playing in the park, visiting relatives, friends’ houses, aquariums, markets, libraries, stations, post offices, banks, sports fields, swimming pools, outdoors such as rice fields, gardens, meadows, mountains , valleys, villages, cities, etc., the more variety the better; .

Planning a vacation together, making a location plan to go to and finding out how to reach that location and making a shared schedule to be on time; .

Spend cooking time together, take easy and harmless menus like making omelette, making pancakes, kneading, forming and baking biscuits and so on; .

Take the child to the garage sale bazaar and choose used toys that require movements such as bicycles, autopeds, rubber / elastic for jumping rope, badminton or pingpong rackets, balls, bekel balls, congklak, ludo, monopolies, cards and so on; .

Hear music while dancing. Choose various types of music and make a dance together, it will be more fun if done in front of a large mirror; .

Learn to make a variety of crafts ranging from cardboard paper, cardboard, used packaging and some of it; .

If the child can not be separated from the gadget at all, introduce the concept of time and duration, for example with the approach to play using the alarm clock. So you can understand and follow directions when the time to play the gadget is up; .

Try when there is an appointment to play with another friend, fellow parents make a commitment not to bring and use gadgets in front of children who are playing; .

Learn to play music; .

Learn to draw. .

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