Google Will Melt 3 Services


Google will unite its three services into one, namely Gmail and Google Drive, and Hangouts. This is because, Google is working on a new application that combines several platforms into one.

This new application is designed to bring together the Google services that the company sells to businesses, including parts of its G Suite such as Gmail and Google Drive, and Hangouts, as reported by The Verge.

For the message sharing feature, Google provides Android Message, which is an application based on Rich Communication Service (RCS) owned by Google.

The RCS system that is on Android Message is claimed to be more pampering than using the usual SMS application on smartphones.

Google also reportedly will unite Google Duo as a form of service that can make consumers and producers can establish communication easily using video.

Regarding the reason Google is mergerisasi this service is said because Google is looking for ways to win the company’s market. This plan can be a way for Google to win customers who have moved all communications, chat and more, to central collaboration centers such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Because, many companies today are moving all types of communication, chat, and others into a collaborative center.

This has been done by Microsoft by presenting Microsoft Teams, which was released in 2016.