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Google Duo Supports 32 People Group Calls


Lagos, – Google Duo again announced group call limits. If previously Google informed the number of participants who could join the Video Call 12 people.

Android Police reported Google added more capacity so that more participants could join one video call group later.

Google again increased the number of participants to 32 people. Google has already begun its promotion of the upcoming feature to all users who have used Google Duo.

That information was discovered from Google’s Sanaz Ahari Lead Communications Suite through his Twitter account.

The ability to call groups of 32 people can be used when using this video call service via the website. This feature comes with the latest version of Google Chrome.

But for now, the group call feature on Google Duo only supports the Google Chrome browser. While other browsers are still waiting for time to support this brand-new feature.

To access it, users just open the Google Duo service on the website and sign in with a Google account. After that, users just need to select the ‘Create Group Link’ button.