Google Duo Releases Note, Similar Story Feature


Google Duo continues to expand its list of features with the addition of the latest “Note” to the default Android video messaging platform.

Google Duo allows for voice calls, video calls, and sending messages recorded from voice or video.

Google realized that this might not be the right time to hear the message, so it launched a new feature called “Note”.

Under the recording menu, a new tab appears along the bottom called “Note” and you can type messages on the canvas such as Story, which you can then doodle or draw before sending to the recipient.

Just like sound and video, Note will expire after 24 hours.


In addition to Note, Google is actively working to expand the use and accessibility of the Duo.

Not long ago, the platform allowed users to call friends on Duo with only an email address (no telephone number needed).

The application also supports end-to-end message encryption on iOS and Android and supports a web-based desktop interface.

Make sure you update the Google Duo application to try sending the Note.