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8 Ways to Convert PDF Files to JPG

Converting PDF to JPG – As you know, apart from Microsoft Office Word, the use of the PDF file format is now a file format that is often used by most people. Especially among office workers and students.

Moreover, in an era that is completely digital, this PDF file format is very much needed for various purposes. One of them is as a digital document format.

Why did it happen? Yup, maybe a lot of people are wondering about this. Besides being easy to read, the display is clearer and also lighter.

This PDF format is portable, which is easy to carry anywhere. Not only that, the security of this PDF format is certainly maintained as well as we can provide a password to open it.

Back to the topic of how to convert PDF files to JPG. So, talking about PDF, do you know if this file can be converted ( changed the format )?

Maybe as an example that is often used is converting PPT to Word or something. However, did you ever know if this PDF file can be turned into an image file like JPG?

Yup, indeed converting a PDF to JPG file can be said to be rarely known by many people. However, if you look at the benefits, it may be quite useful for various things.

Immediately, if you are curious about how to convert this PDF to JPG file. Check out the following tips …

Convert PDF files to JPG

How do I convert this PDF to JPG file? You can know about changing the file format. Maybe in some cases the converted results will be slightly different from the original, some will not. Whether in terms of writing or others.

Will the image change by converting a PDF file into a JPG? According to the author, the answer is no. Why? Because if we want to convert it to JPG will not make changes to the file.

Or maybe the size of the file will increase or decrease. However, you don’t need to worry about these problems. Because this problem only occurs in a few cases.

And for how to convert PDF files to JPG, I will use several methods which you can do easily. And some of these methods are probably mostly done online.

Well, here are the tools that you can use for conversion …

# 1. Convert PDF to JPG With

The first tip is to visit the website. As you can see, this site is a converter website.

On this website you can easily and quickly convert PDF to JPG. Apart from that, this website can also perform other conversions provided by PDFtoImage .

Immediately following the steps to convert PDF to JPG on …

  1. First, all you have to do is visit the following website:
  2. After that, click Upload File »select PDF format file » click Open
  3. Wait for the upload and converting process for a while
  4. If you have click DOWNLOAD
  5. Done.

# 2. Convert PDF to JPG on

For the second tip, visit the website. Yup, with this website you can also convert PDF to JPG. In addition, there are many tools provided by the website.

And you can also use it to do other conversions for free. You need to know, to do conversions on this website, you can do it easily, quickly and practically.

So, here’s how …

  • First, visit the following website :
  • Next, click Select PDF file »select PDF file » click Open ( you can also retrieve files via Google Drive & Dropbox )
  • Under PDF to JPG Options , select Page to JPG »click Convert to JPG
  • Wait for the conversion process for a few moments
  • Click Download JPG image
  • Done.

# 3. Convert PDF to JPG on

Apart from the two tips above, there are several other converter websites. One of them is Yup, with this website you can also convert your PDF files to JPG.

Not only that, there are many features provided by Like Convert JPG to PDF , a desktop version is provided and much more.

Fine, just get on with it if you are confused about how to convert. Follow the steps below …

  • First, visit the site by clicking on the following link:
  • Click Choose file »select PDF format file » click Open ( you can also retrieve files via Google Drive or Dropbox )
  • Wait for the file upload process to finish »click Convert to JPG
  • Wait for the Converting process for a while
  • Click Download File if you want to download it directly ( you can also save in Dropbox or Google Drive )
  • Done.

# 4. Convert PDF files to JPG at

The next site is Yup, who doesn’t know one of the most popular converter websites. With this website you can also convert your PDF files into JPG format.

Not only that, there are various features provided by Among them are Audio Converter, Document Converter and so on. Well, how do you do the conversion directly through

Here’s how …

  • The first thing you have to do is to visit the website below:
  • Then click Choose File »click Convert ( you can also add multiple files to change )
  • Wait for the upload and converting process for a few moments
  • Click Download to download your JPG file
  • Done.

# 5. Convert PDF to JPG at

And for tips on converting PDF files to JPG online the last one is Just like some of the previous websites, this website can also convert your PDF files to JPG format.

And the features provided are not inferior to other converter websites. Some of the features include Language, unlock PDF, resize PDF and others.

So just go ahead, follow the steps below …

  • First, visit the following website:
  • Click Choose File »select a PDF format file » click Open ( you can also retrieve via Google Drive or Dropbox )
  • Wait for the file upload process and the Converting process for a few seconds
  • After that, click View & Download in the Browser ( you can also send files via your email )
  • Done.

Convert PDF files to JPG offline

As the author said before, indeed most of the tips that the authors provide are done online. But there are also tips that you can do offline. However, you must have the application first. Such as the following …

# 1. PDF Element

And for the first tip is to use the PDF Element application. Yup, with this application you can convert PDF files to JPG as well.

You can know that this application is a paid application, so you have to buy it first. However, if you don’t want to pay for it or just want to convert. Then you just install the trial version only.

Such as the following …

  • First, you have to download PDF Element on the following website: [ PDF Element ]
  • Then, install the application on your laptop / computer »and click Start Now to run it
  • When it is open, click Open File… »select PDF file » click Open
  • Wait for the Opening process for a while
  • Click Convert on the menu bar »select the option To Image » click Continue
  • After that, you choose a storage place »select Image Files (*. Jpg) » then click Save
  • Wait for the Convert process a few seconds »when it’s finished click Finish
  • Done.

# 2. Adobe Acrobat

For the second way to convert pdf to jpg files offline is by downloading the associated application. Like this Adobe Acrobat . With Adobe Acrobat you can easily convert PDF files to JPG.

Well, for how to use the application, follow the steps below …

  • First, download the Adobe Acrobat application first. By clicking the following link: [ Adobe Acrobat ]
  • Run the application, click File »select Open » select PDF format »click Open
  • Once open, click Export PDF on the tools menu on the right
  • Then, click Image »select the JPEG option » click Export
  • In the Export screen, click Choose a Different Folder… »select a storage location » click Save if you have selected
  • Wait a few moments for the Export File
  • Done.

Other Alternative Tips

Another alternative way if you don’t want to use a laptop is to use an Android smartphone . Yup, enough with a smartphone, you can also convert PDF files to JPG.

However, to do this you definitely have to download and install the application first, right? Immediately, follow the steps below …

# 1. PDF to JPG Converter

And, for the last tip is to use an android application. Which you can download on the Play Store. Write the name PDF to JPG Converter in the search field. So if you have selected an application with the developer name SR International.

Yup, maybe you don’t know about that. If this application can convert PDF files to JPG easily. Immediately, if you have downloaded it, but are confused about how it works. Just consider the following steps …

  • First, download the PDF to JPG Converter application first. By clicking the following link: [ Google Play ]
  • Open the application, press the [ + ] icon on the right to find the PDF file you want to convert
  • In the column Search Here »enter the name of the PDF file you» if it is tap the PDF file of the
  • After that, a screen will appear Make your selection »select Convert to Image
  • Enter Folder Name »tap Save » wait for the converting process for a while depending on the size of your PDF file.
  • Now if so, you will be directed to the Generated Images view to see the conversion results.
  • Done.