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Avoid these 4 things when charging mobile

phone charging

How many times a day is it needed to charge your cellphone ? How is your habit of charging a cellphone? It turns out to charge a cellphone , there are some things that need to be avoided. Check out the following.

Simple treatment and maintenance of mobile phones that are right and right will make the cellphone at least become more durable and not easily damaged tablets. One treatment that is sometimes considered trivial but is often ignored by users is when charging their cellphones.

Here are some tips for charging  the right smartphone

Tips for properly charging a cellphone :

  • Always use an original or original charger . Even though the price is higher, the original charger  is much safer and good for maintaining cell phone batteries so they don’t drop quickly .
  • Recharge the handphone battery when the device battery is completely used up, around 10 percent
  • Turn off the cellphone when charging, or turn on the offline mode to be more stable and optimal in charging.
  • Do not be left asleep when charging, because it can overload if you remove it over time
  • Unplug the charger immediately if the device is completely 100 percent fully charged

In addition to how to charge a cellphone , it is also necessary to avoid certain things when charging your cellphone .  The aim is to maximize charging. The following things must be avoided when charging your cellphone:

  1. Use the charger carelessly, not according to the type of cellphone
  2. Charge while playing a cellphone
  3. Listen to music using a headset when the cell phone is charged
  4. Long remove the socket when the cellphone is fully charged.

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