Apple Closes All Stores and Offices in China


Apple issued a brief statement announcing that it will close all physical stores, corporate offices and contact centers in Mainland China until the end of next week (February 9).

This step was taken on the basis of a vigilant attitude and based on the latest advice from leading health experts, also aims to limit the exposure of company employees to the coronavirus outbreak that has increasingly troubled China and the world over the past two months.

Apple’s online store in China, on the other hand, remains open.

It was previously reported that the coronavirus situation could disrupt the rumored production of the upcoming iPhone 9, as well as the latest AirPod.

Key partner Apple Foxconn later denied the rumors, ensuring that they would “continue to fulfill all global manufacturing obligations”.

Meanwhile, iPhone 9 has entered trial production, industry insiders say.

The market launch is reportedly scheduled for the end of March with a planned order volume of 30 million units.