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7 Ways to Deal With Troubled WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp Call

Instead of changing generations from Industry 3.0 to 4.0, we are able to change all lines of time in our daily lives, all of whom want to be fast, instant, and inexpensive. There are no restrictions in the dissemination of information and communication, all should be able to reach space and places in the joints of life.

Formerly, making a telephone call had to register a telephone package so that the cost could be cheap and affordable, even though the reality was still expensive. But now changes are happening, phone calls can be made free of charge, just with an internet connection . Especially for users who are connected to a WiFi area that can be fully utilized free of charge.

WhatsApp became one of the free phone call providers around 2015, and that’s where many users who often make phone calls switch to using WhatsApp. Then at some point, the video call continued, WhatsApp was very complete in terms of usability.

Looking ahead, there will definitely be more new features from WhatsApp which will certainly be very interesting and helpful in terms of our life lines.

WhatsApp Call Error Type

Back to the topic of discussion regarding problems with telephone or video calls experienced by users, here are some types of errors that occur in WhatsApp calls . There are things that you need to pay attention to that not everything about WhatsApp calls has problems with the application, it could be due to human error or in certain circumstances.

  • Connecting Continuously. The message is usually there when you make a call to someone (already received) but connects continuously, usually because of a slow internet connection.
  • Cannot Call, No Internet Connection. When the message that reads cannot make a call then it can be ascertained that an internet connection is not available.
  • In Another Call. Can be interpreted, the user is making a call with someone else. So, you have to wait for a while.
  • Other Call Problems. Maybe there are other problems that I don’t know about, whether it’s because the call was rejected, human error , or something else.

Overcome Unable to Make WhatsApp Calls

After knowing a few things above, it’s time to make up with some simple methods that I give below. With this, it is hoped that WhatsApp can be used for phone and video calls again.

# 1. Ensure Stable Network Connectivity

First, you need to make sure the internet connection on your Android phone is really stable , can be used for social media, youtube, downloads, and more. With a stable internet, it is likely that phone calls and video problems will not occur.

Messages that say “waiting continuously” usually occur because of a slow internet connection . Try checking by opening YouTube, Facebook, or other applications.

# 2. Check WhatsApp Application Permissions

If the problem occurs while you are on a call, but there is no sound or the recipient does not hear a sound, the problem might be the application permission . Especially for the current Android smartphone (made in the latest) whose system the user should first permit (manually).

To do this, you can refer to the following steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu »Applications & Notifications» select WhatsApp »Permissions» then make sure all parts are active, specifically the Camera , Contact , Microphone , Storage , and Cellphone sections .

# 3. Make sure the destination number is correct

Next, you need to make sure the number is correct and the user is active . Because it could be, even though there is a profile photo, but it continues to read calling, this is because the destination number is not active or it is no longer in use, even though the WhatsApp server has not been deleted.

Therefore, you need to check further related to this matter.

# 4. Make sure your number is not being blocked

Next, you also need to make sure your number is not being blocked . Because it could be that if the writing calls constantly – there is no change, without that you are blocked. Usually, blocking signs can be seen when a profile photo isn’t visible, when in chat only check one, and the bio isn’t visible.

For this problem, you can search for more information with related people.

# 5. Check Smartphone Date and Time

Make sure the date and time on your smartphone are in automatic settings. This is to avoid network problems on the SIM Card and WhatsApp. Usually, some applications, especially WhatsApp will reject some activities when the date and time of the smartphone does not match the current situation.

To see and make date and time adjustments, you can see the following steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Date and Time » make sure the Set Date and Time section is in the active position.

# 6. Try deleting the WhatsApp Application Data

If with a few tips above do not make WhatsApp back to normal and have difficulty in making telephone and video calls, try returning the WhatsApp settings to the default position . If you don’t want WhatsApp chat data to be lost, backup to your Google account first.

Deleting WhatsApp application data here will delete temporary data such as cache , cookies , database and login data . You can log in again later with the same number and verify by sending a code via SMS.

Go to the Settings menu »Additional Settings» Application Management » select WhatsApp » Then tap Clear Data .

# 7. WhatsApp is having trouble

Another possibility that is unavoidable is, WhatsApp is experiencing interference , whether it’s on the main server or because of restrictions in some countries in a certain period. Several times, WhatsApp has experienced interference, so it can not make a status, sending messages feels slow, until it can not make calls.

Even during elections, WhatsApp is limited in activities and use of features, both chat, phone calls and video. That is, the government can take part in handling the use of WhatsApp in Nigeria. It could also be, the government can see the chat content of WhatsApp that we use (without us knowing).